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​FSCA Mymoney Learning Series

The Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) has completed the development one of their flagship projects, the FSCA’s MyMoney Learning Series. The FSCA’s MyMoney Learning Series is a facilitated programme that uses picture-based, conversational/peer-to-peer learning to disseminate basic consumer financial education (CFE) content to consumers.

The content development processes took almost two years to complete, starting with a gap analysis of our current content against current legislation, the South African schooling curriculum (Foundation, Intermediate, Senior and FET phases) as well as the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)/International Network on Financial Education (INFE) competencies framework on financial literacy for youth and adults. This process was coupled with research into the financial literacy needs of the youth and young adults as well as the blind, deaf, partially sighted and hard of hearing. The content was piloted with these audiences and improvements made to the material.

The research revealed that consumers know that information around money is important,  however they lack the understanding. The FSCA’s MyMoney Learning Series responds to this lack of understanding by aiming to build the missing foundational information blocks of financial literacy for consumers living in South Africa in order for them to be able to make informed financial decisions. By making use of conversational and peer-to-peer learning, consumers get the information that they need at the point in their life (life experiences) when they need it most. We have also come to understand that consumers do not go through one life stage at a time, rather they go through multiple life experiences at the same time. The FSCA’s MyMoney Learning Series is built on five key themes; Financially Smart, Financial Safeguard, Financial Protection, Financial Knowledge and Business Finance and is further broken down into 31 sub-topic packages.

The motivation behind the development of the FSCA MyMoney Learning Series was to have a single CFE training repository​ that can be used by the industry as a benchmark to financial education.

The FSCA MyMoney Learning Series is available in English and is also available as an e-learning component on the FSCA’s consumer website;

To access the research documents that informed the development of the FSCA MyMoney Learning Series, click ​here

For the Analysis and Insights document click here

To access more information on the learning design and its elements click the document below.

The design behind the FSCA MyMoney Learning Series

FSCA Confluence Research into financial literacy needs 2019 - reduced.pdf
The design behind the FSCA MyMoney Learning Series.pdf