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Why FSCA Consumer Education?

The idea for the website forms part of the Consumer Education Departments’ Mandate to provide guidance to consumers in order to make better financial choices and to live a financially successful life.

Who is this site for?

FSCA Consumer Education website caters for all South Africans, young or old, rich or poor, investing or paying off debt, planning and setting financial goals. We are not selling you financial products or offering any financial advice. We are not registered to give you financial advice.

We are here to alert you to the facts so that you can make informed decisions about your finances. With the introduction of the Life Stages on our landing page, we are here to guide you at every stage of life. Look out for interesting articles dealing with complex financial matters, delivered to you in lay-man’s terms. Taking into consideration that you should consider getting financial advice before you make major financial decisions from an authorised financial services provider. To find out if your financial advisor is registered with the Financial Sector Conduct Authority to conduct business click here.

The FSCA Consumer Education Team

We have an experienced team of community relations officers, digital content administrator and Content Specialist contributing to the success and maintenance of the website.

We have seen and experienced where things can go wrong and can help you avoid potential disasters with regards to your finances. Our aim is to see all South Africans make better financial choices and use the as their first point of reference when making any choices that could affect their financial futures significantly.

We are your everyday person, with everyday needs just like you and your family. Our team includes young males and females, career driven, and family driven, from the youthful millennials to the seasoned campaigners who are knowledgeable and have vast experience in the education field.

We add to our knowledge by consulting a wide range of external experts in industry, government and the community. We also base our web content on various consumer research methods to guide our information.

You are welcome to contact us if you have any comments and suggestions. Make one of your favourite and visit us often to keep abreast of all things related to financial education.