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Youth Finance, Entrepreneurship and job Opportunity Campaign


The primary purpose of the project is to connect the youth with industry bodies and key stakeholders that will provide them with valuable information, guidance and opportunities to empower themselves. The project provides attendees with access to industry bodies and key stakeholders to obtain:

  • information to increase financial literacy through greater financial awareness and pitfalls that lead to bad financial decisions; 
  • guidance on starting a business, how to register a business, required documentation and information to apply for start-up funding and the process to follow when applying for start-up capital for a business;
  • opportunities to engage with companies offering learnerships and internships (linking youth with potential employment opportunities);
  • opportunities to engage with organisations and institutions that provides funding towards higher education.


  • Increased number of entrepreneurs and registered SMMEs
  • Create awareness of financial literacy and pitfall that lead to bad financial decisions
  • Link youth with potential employers and higher education funding organisations

Expected outcome

At least 10 registered youth businesses per road show and/or records of enquiries provided by CIPC 2 weeks after the completion of the four road shows.

4 road shows completed. 20 interviews conducted on radio. 4 outside broadcast completed. 4 exhibitions and presentations completed. Records provided by an appointed radio station of the number of call-ins or listenership during the airing of live-reads and pre-promo adverts.

Record submitted by the department of Labour of the number of CVs received during the 4 road shows.


For more information on this project kindly contact Khayalakhe Ndlovu: +27 12 367 7854

Youth Empowerment Campaign - Final Report.pdf
Youth Empowerment Campaign Case Study 2019_FINAL.pdf