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FSCA Financial Literacy Speech Competition 


The Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) in collaboration with the nine provincial departments of education and in conjunction with the Financial Planning Institute (FPI) implements the FSCA Financial Literacy Speech Competition for grade 11 learners. This competition is funded by the Financial Services Consumer Education Foundation.

The format of the competition sees learners presenting a five-minute speech on one of three financial literacy related topics approved by the nine departments of education and consists of four rounds; schools, district finals, a provincial final and a national final. During the first round learners participate at classroom level, thereafter the winners from each school compete at the district finals and the winners of the districts compete at the provincial final. The national final will see the top learner from each of the nine provincial finals compete for the National Prize.

Investment prizes of R30 000.00, R15 000.00 and R7 500.00 per province can be won as well as a full bursary to cover all expenses for a first degree at a university of their choice.

This project seeks to encourage the contestants to do research, to synthesise that information and present the outcomes to an audience in a 5 minute speech.


- Promote financial literacy in schools on topics such as budgeting, savings and investments and consumer rights.

- Create awareness on the importance of financial advice.

- Promote careers in the financial services industry for example, a Financial Services Provider (FSP).

- Encourage entrepreneurship.

- Introduce insurance as an investment choice for all individuals and use the youth to discuss financial concepts with their parents.

- Integrate theory and practice as an important principle in the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS)

Expected outcome

The ultimate goal of the project is to engender a more financially literate society that displays a healthy relationship with money. The ultimate outcome desired is for all involved, both the contestants and their audience (which includes the family members and friends who become the soundboards at home) to start changing their financial behaviour and as result become more financially savvy.


For more information on this project kindly contact: 

Colin Stevens: +27 12 367 7858


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