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​​FSCA’s Accredited Financial Literacy Facilitator Course

In 2019, the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) started the development of the FSCA's accredited Financial Literacy Facilitator Course together with Resonance Institute of Learning Pty Ltd, an accredited training service provider. This was followed by a pilot in December 2020 and a roll-out to 32 candidates in July/August of 2021. The course is customised in that it is built on (SAQA ID: US 117871). “Facilitate learning using a variety of given methodologies" NQF level 5 and holds 10 credits, but uses the FSCA's MyMoney Learning Series as its content source.

The programme was developed in response to the FSCA's consumer education mandate to provide financial education and promote financial literacy. To fulfil this mandate, the Consumer Education Department (CED) of the FSCA offers financial education programmes to consumers. These programmes are aimed at improving consumer understanding of financial products and concepts by means of information, instruction, and awareness to develop the skills and confidence of consumers to use financial products and services. To facilitate such programmes, the FSCA requires experienced consumer financial education (CFE) facilitators to reach more consumers nationwide.

Prior to the development of the accredited FSCA Financial Literacy Facilitator Course, the CED conducted a two-day train-the-trainer programme with potential trainers. Arising from  this, the need for an accredited version of the training programme was identified which would carry the flexibility to be adapted and offered by multiple accredited training providers across South Africa. The training companies would be allowed to co-brand the training material and certificate of competence together with the FSCA's logo. Furthermore, the adaptability of this unique course content would extend to the trained facilitators being able to customise it (within reason) for different audiences in terms of literacy levels, life experiences and context.

The training programme would include the full suite of material including:

  • Facilitator guide
  • Learner guide
  • Learner workbook
  • Presentation pack​

The FSCA Financial Literacy Facilitator Course will provide learners with a thorough understanding of their role and responsibilities as a facilitator, prepare them to facilitate on the FSCA basic consumer material and will assess them on their facilitation skills.

The FSCA has established a database of trained trainers across all nine provinces, who can assist in facilitating projects provincially that fall under the mandate of the FSCA, as well as provide consumer education facilitation to organisations who can access their skills through an envisaged database of Consumer Financial Educators (CFE's). While achieving the objectives of the FSCA, this programme also supports the achievement of the National Development Plan (NDP) goals of the country, in that it increases the employability of the delegates that will be participating in this skills development programme.

The initial phase of training included two pilot sessions held with the FSCA staff, stakeholders, and observers, some of whom specialise in facilitation or facilitator training.

Following the successful pilot and incorporation of minor refinements to the material, 32 learners were selected to participate in the roll out of the training programme of which 25 achieved competence in the programme.

About the facilitators

The facilitators are currently active members of their communities and are involved in various upliftment programmes. The majority speak multiple South African languages and are representative of all 9 provinces.

Note: The facilitators who have completed this course are not employed by the FSCA.

If you would like to contact the CFE's or make use of the facilitators for your consumer financial education programmes, kindly email:

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