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It’s an exciting time when you purchase your first home, but there is some important planning that needs to go into purchasing a home. These home loan calculators will help you estimate how much you can afford and what your repayments will be per month.

Bond Cost

You see the house of your dreams for R500 000, can you afford the cost of the bond. Input the relevant information and the calculations will be done automatically for you. You will also be able to see the interest amount that will be due by you over the period, your monthly repayment and the total amount that you will pay over the period.

Increasing Monthly Payments   

If you increase your monthly repayments, you will save on the total amount of interest paid and you will pay your house off faster. Input the amount you will be paying in extra and watch what a difference that makes long term.

Change in Interest Rates   

Unless you opt for a fixed interest rate when you purchase your home, you will be subject to changing interest rates. Whether this decreases or increases it can affect your monthly bond cost. This calculator gives you two options. You can see how much your monthly repayments will change by if the interest rate changes or you can see how much quicker or longer it will take to pay off your house if the interest rate changes but you do not change your monthly repayment.

Lump Sum  

I received a birthday bonus of R10 000, what will it mean if I pay it into my home loan? This will reduce your number of payments, you will save on interest costs and you will pay your home off sooner.