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You have got your eye on a particular car and you do not know if you can afford it? Does this sound like you? These calculators will help you do all your car calculations and answer all your costs questions related to car finance.

Monthly Repayments  

Fill in the input amounts and let this calculator work out your monthly repayment amount.

Term of Contract   

This calculator your term of contract from certain inputs.

Outstanding Balance   

You have paid your car for two years and want to calculate how much you still owe on your car.

Capital Injection  

You received a bonus or surplus income this month and would like to put this additional money toward your car. Good choice. Watch how much interest you can save on just by paying a lump sum.

Increasing Monthly Payments 

you increase your monthly repayments, this will have a positive effect on your loan period, interest rates and you can pay off your car faster. Input the additional cash amount you will be paying in and watch what a difference it makes long term.

Vehicle Purchase Price