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​In the vast landscape of financial services, a sinister threat is lurking:​ fake Financial Service Providers (FSPs) masquerading as legitimate companies. The Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) raises a crucial alarm, urging consumers to be vigilant against these deceptive entities that aim to exploit trust and jeopardize financial well-being. As consumers, understanding and vigilance become paramount shields against these deceptive actors seeking to exploit trust and compromise financial integrity.

Here is a series of infographics to help you protect yourself against fake FSPs

1. Beware of fake FSPs using legitimate company names


2. Be vigilant about the latest warnings from the FSCA

3. Stay informed on the latest scams targeting consumers

4. Verify communication before disclosing personal information

5. Be skeptical of unscolicited investment opportunities

​6. Regularly update your passwords for online accounts

The FSCA reminds customers who wish to conduct financial services with an institution or person to check beforehand with the FSCA on either the toll-free number (0800 110 443) or on whether such institution or person is authorised to render financial services. ​

Enquiries: Financial Sector Conduct Authority 

​Email address: 

​Telephone: 0800 203 722