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Statement on SASRIA SOC Limited insurance claims​​​


The FSCA has noted with concern the civil unrest, riots and looting that have been happening in various parts of the country. At this stage, the extent of the damage suffered by businessowners has not been confirmed, as the loss figures change when new claims are reported. 

In response to these events, the FSCA has been in discussions with Sasria Soc Limited (Sasria), the only non-life insurer that provides special risk cover in South Africa for risks such as civil commotion, public disorder, strikes, riots and terrorism. In these discussions, the Authority has received confirmation from Sasria that it will settle claims where the relevant cover is in place. 

The FSCA therefore urges Sasria policyholders affected by the unrest to submit their claims directly to their insurers, who will then engage with Sasria on the specific claims.

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