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Unplanned job loss or unemployment


This online library will help you think about important financially focused questions that you should be asking.

It will also direct you to financial information that may be relevant to you and your current situation or life experiences.

What is a Life Experience?

We often talk about the big moments in our lives as ‘Life Events’ or ‘Life Stages’.

Life events are important moments in our lives but are not always a once off event,
but rather a period in our lives that we are experiencing.

These times in our lives are called ‘Life Experiences’.
You can live through more than one experience at a time and each
experience could go on for a long time. 

Most people may not live through some of the life experiences at all and will experience
them at different times of their lives -
there is no specific order (except for death).


Unemployment makes you wonder how you are going to survive financially, what you will do if you become ill or lose your home. Focus on what your next steps should be.

Important things to think about

Click on the icons to see the types of questions you should be asking yourself...

Do I owe money to anyone and have I let them know about my situation?
Can I claim from the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF), whilst I am looking for another job
How am I going to manage my finances differently now?
Do I have debit orders?

Important things to think about

Click on the icons to see the types of questions you should be asking yourself...

Can I make arrangements with my creditors to pay a reduced instalment or to pause my instalments for a period until I get a job?
Do I have debt that needs to be paid?
What is my plan with regards to paying off my debt?
Do I have disability / income protection cover?

Learning series

The FSCA have put together a learning series just for you.
The topics selected will help you through the financial side of your life experience. 

Recommended for you

The FSCA have made recommendations of topics that may help answer some of the questions you may have.

Download all the content for these topics in the resource folder.

How to access the resource folder

Click the menu button on the top left.
Click on Resources.
Download the documents.

Accessing other topics

Remember, these suggested topics are not the only ones available to you. If you would like to explore our other FSCA learning series you can visit our website.


We hope that the information is informative!

We challenge you to put this knowledge to practice so that you can make financially smart decisions!

Remember to download the content before exiting the module.

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