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​The impact of covid 19 on your finance's questionnaire

Over two hundred days have passed since the official start of the lockdown. Since then, the economy of South Africa has experienced many difficulties which has affected the personal finances of many consumers. Even though the face-to-face financial education initiatives of the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) may be suspended under these circumstances, the FSCA strives to find new ways to engage and disseminate valuable financial literacy messages to consumers. 

Please complete this short questionnaire to provide us with ideas on the relevant information and preferred means of engagement so that we can continue to assist you with your financial concerns. 

All information collected during this survey will be treated as private and confidential. Your responses to the survey will be used for the purposes set out above. If you would like to receive information on the FSCA’s financial literacy initiatives, your name and email address will be collected. This personal details are voluntary, and will only be used for purposes of providing you with information on the FSCA’s literacy initiatives. For more information on how the FSCA processes information, please see our Privacy Policy 

For more information please send an email with your enquiries to: 

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